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Jessie Allen Cooper

Visioning® - 2CD Set

Visioning® - 2CD Set

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Originally released in 2008 by Jessie Allen Cooper & Lucia Cappachione

Created and released as an accompaniment to Dr. Lucia Capacchione's book, VISIONING®

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About the music

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author of 23 books, pioneer in art therapy, and creator of the Visioning® process of life and career fulfillment. Her methods are used in schools, corporations, recovery/health centers, counseling programs, and life coaching.

Jessie Allen Cooper's soundtrack is designed for relaxing, inspiring, and motivating. Play it while following the guidelines for fulfilling your heart's desires through the Visioning® process. From soothing music to relaxing the heart and mind, Cooper shifts moods into a lively beat for "grabbing what grabs you" in magazine images and words. The next series of sounds set the tone for opening the heart, making final selections, dealing effectively with the Inner Critic, and completing a Vision board collage. The closing music creates a perfect atmosphere for follow-up journaling with both hands, one of the secrets to success with Dr. Capacchione's unique method. Following the guidelines in the book will be enhanced by Cooper's creative sound environment.

Visioning: Ten Step to Designing the Life of Your Dreams by Dr. Lucia Capacchione is available anywhere books are sold and at www.


Disc One:
1. Personal Touch
2. In a Silent Place Peaceful
3. Floating Peaceful
4. Sassafras
5. Cool Man Playful
6. Santa Monica Sunset
7. Mystical Illusion
8. Wheel in a Wheel Playful
9. Song for You
10. Thought for a Friend a Loving
11. For Your Eyes
12. Saint Patrick Loving
13. In My Heart Loving
14. In My Heart

Disc Two:
15. Bad Dream Afraid
16. Electric Feet Angry
17. Sun Talk
18. Amazon
19. Boppin About Happy
20. Let's Connect
21. Groovin Out Back
22. Kickin It Happy
23. Waltz for an Artist
24. Departure #1
25. In the Light
26. Cosmic Eclipse
27. On the Golden Path
28. Inward Thoughts