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Gavin Taylor, hailing from the Oklahoma City music scene, distills the essence of everyday musings into his project, Muffled Sirens, with the EP "For His Ears" marking a pivotal point in his journey. This latest work, blending raw emotions and personal tales from Taylor's life in songs like "Sheet Ghost" and "The Hasbeen". 

Showcasing his progression from a passionate songwriter to the dynamic frontman of Treason 58, and now to the experimental sounds of Muffled Sirens. The project's name itself hints at the intent to amplify subdued narratives, with music that connects with those whose stories are often overlooked. Taylor's eclectic influences span Anti-Folk to Glam Rock, mirroring the flamboyance of '70s icons such as Marc Bolan and David Bowie, both in sound and in his thrifted stage attire, creating not just music but a relatable, immersive experience reflective of life's raw and tumultuous essence.

Gavin Taylor

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