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Jessie Allen Cooper

Sound Travels - CD

Sound Travels - CD

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Originally released in 2005 by Jessie Allen Cooper 

The music from Sound Travels was picked from Jessie's 200-song catalog and these tunes come from his finest unreleased songs. As a sound sculptor, these songs take you on a musical adventure filled with world beat grooves and Cooper's distinctive soprano sax and harmonica performances. Get ready, 'cause Cooper and his band are ready to rock!

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About the music

Sound Travels by Jessie Allen Cooper is a selection of music picked from a collection of over one hundred songs written and recorded over the last fourteen years. I sat with Doug Ross, the bass player on this project, and we hand-picked our favorites. Some needed to be totally rerecorded and some were close to being complete. My goal was to pick songs that fit together to give the listener a diversified sound experience.

A journey filled with multi-ethnic overtones, combining the talents of musicians that have studied different rhythms, instruments, and composition techniques from all over the world. This album has brought about a new level of creative participation for me. For the first time, I personally acted as the recording engineer on most of the performances, including those of my own. Being involved with the timing, and performance of each instrument and musician made the creative process especially rewarding. My personal relationships with the musicians and technical support team were better than ever making the reward even richer than before.


1. Full Moon
2. Waltz for an Artist
3. Awakening
4. Groovin Out Back
5. Song for You
6. Heavens Dance
7. Walkin in the Park
8. Dance On
9. Ballad for an Artist
10. Missing You
11. Rain Dance
12. Tranquility