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Lu Lagoon

Seven Corners - CD

Seven Corners - CD

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Lu Lagoon's 2020 debut album "Seven Corners" on CD! Reissued in 2021 by Catapult.

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About the music

With her love for the indie genre, Lu Lagoon was able to incorporate the experimental and indie sounds in her music, thus creating her first singles, Sour (Demo) and Plant Tattoo (Demo) from her album, Seven Corners; released in the year 2020. Since its release, "Seven Corners" has been a favorite among many. It has been considered "an utterly stunning debut album, filled to the brim with artistic talent and velocity"

"This record is riddled with inventive imagery and clever lyrics, as well as simple yet enchanting instrumentation. the production is crisp and unassuming, allowing the vulnerability of Lu's soft vocals to shine brightly through. Reminiscent of legendary indie artists such as Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail. this album is unmissable for any lover of the indie genre. It is entirely self written, truly showcasing the immense talent of this young artist." (@GeekingAboutMusic)

"The album remains strong throughout, with a more polished version of her biggest song 'Sour" as a highlight, catchy enough to be a real hit. Compared to other artists of Lu's style that i've checked out, her music is far more developed and professional-sounding. Definitely feels like i've stumbled across some great things about to happen." (@Andrews_Albums)


1. In My Head
2. 70/30
3. Plant Tattoo
4. Slack
5. Phris Cratt
6. Skin
7. Bruise
8. Sour
9. Seven Corners
10. Look What You Made Me Do