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Critters - CD

Critters - CD

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Payette's album "Critters" on CD! 

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About the music

Critters is an indie-rock album based off of one idea: At the end of the day, we’re just animals. It explores the complex relationships humans can have with each other and the world we inhabit, through comparisons to animal characteristics. The songs are fun, but invite you to think more about the environment around you, both natural and societal. Sonically, I incorporate elements of rock, hip-hop, and synthpop into an album that is constantly taking you somewhere new. I hope the album leaves those who listen to it with a larger appreciation of those they love, even when it gets a little hard.


01. Rodents & Reptiles
02. Ribbit
03. Big Slothy (feat. TRISTTAN)
04. Old Dogs
05. Street Possum (feat. Jules Caven)
06. Swimming (feat. Keith Cameron)
07. Meow
08. Birdsong
09. Creatures Gather
10. Critters