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Crisis As Usual - CD

Crisis As Usual - CD

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Payette's album "Crisis As Usual" on CD! Please note that the CD pictured may slightly differ from the units that are currently in production!

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About the music

Crisis As Usual is an indie-pop album about the mental stressors of modern society. The first half deals with external issues like political division, unethical capitalist practices, and more, before moving on to internal problems like anxiety and depression. The lyrics explore how these outward and inward-facing struggles are related, and how they can seem to feed off each other. Despite the heavy themes, the album has many moments of hope, and serves as a reminder that no one person has to go through this alone.


01. Crisis As Usual
02. Echo Chamber
03. Cop Song
04. Mars! (feat. TRISTTAN)
05. Doom & Gloom
06. Into Mind
07. Existential Dread Anthem
08. After I Die
09. Quiet Company
10. Serenity