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Jessie Allen Cooper

9-11-01 - CD

9-11-01 - CD

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Originally released in 2002 by Jessie Allen Cooper

Released to press August 1st, 2002- public release August 18th. Completed on Veterans Day, 2001, this timely recording was conceived and written between 9-11-2001 and 9-14-2001 as a response to the tragic events of that momentous day. This vivid musical tribute has a sense of a dual reality -- middle east meets the west and destruction meets healing. Using sound bytes from the ubiquitous television coverage of those first few days, together with eastern instrumentation and two female vocalists, this recording resonates with the composer's deep concern for all humanity.

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About the music

In the middle of August 2001, I was preparing to record a new album, installing a recently acquired keyboard along with a digital recording setup. Then, I surrounded myself with some outboard gear, a good microphone, and my acoustic instruments. At the time of visualizing my stage, all I knew was that a new project would come out of this innovative way of creating. What it was or why I would be creating it was not clear. After setting up the equipment, I made myself perfectly ready to record. Then, I went on vacation for a week, arriving back late on the Thursday before "Dark Tuesday." Having rested and settled back in, on Monday night, September 10th, I recorded my first rhythm track. On Tuesday morning the phone rang. It was my dear friend, Pamela. She was quite worried and almost in tears. "Turn on the TV," she said. "The United States has been attacked." At first, I didn't get it. I was in great disbelief that this tragedy could have happened: The World Trade Center collapsed in front of my face on the television, the Pentagon was on fire, in total four planes had crashed. I usually have a big agenda on Tuesdays; however, I decided to only take care of the basics that day and started recording. While tracking, I had the idea of recording conversations on the TV. By this time I had tracked about 30 minutes of music and was unstoppable. The various sound bytes had become a part of the composition. I just kept going and going and going and listening and listening and listening and recording and recording and recording. By the start of the fourth day, I had completed the basic tracks for over two hours of music. Finally, it hit me why I was doing this! As the reality unfolded on the TV screen and we found out who the terrorists were, I decided to incorporate elements of middle eastern music into my composition, together with a need to express the sense of devastation and horror that was taking place.

My hope is that this music could help bring about some healing to the listener.

Jessie Allen Cooper


1. Mayor of New York
2. Out of the Shadows
3. President of USA (Remix)
4. Lament
5. Flight 11
6. Aspects of the Heart
7. Dark Tuesday
8. Wednesday's Reflection
9. The End of Innocence
10. A Meditation
11. Mystery of Iniquity
12. Prayer for Peace